Quality that Lasts

Teixeira Construction Inc. builds in Eastern Ontario and specializes in building customized concrete R-2000 homes. Concrete R-2000 homes are designed and built for overall comfort, low maintenance, energy efficiency, healthy indoor air quality, and longevity. This particular type of R-2000 home offers unsurpassed living comfort and energy efficiency. The homeowners can expect to use about 60% less energy overall than the same home built to the Ontario Building Code.

For over a decade, CMHC has been researching ways to build or renovate housing that meets the principles of Healthy Housing:

It is healthy to live in;
It improves indoor air quality;
It takes less energy to build and operate;
It uses fewer nonrenewable resources and it makes efficient use of readily renewable resources;
It is healthy for the environment;
It is affordable for builders, owners, and occupants.