Enviro Home

The Concrete EnviroHome

The Teixeira EnviroHome incorporates many innovative building materials and systems. The result is a home that offers an extraordinary level of comfort, a healthier living environment and truly exceptional energy efficiency.
All exterior walls, including the foundation, were built using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) system which combines high-performance insulation with concrete and steel. High-performance North Star® windows and environmentally friendly cellulose attic insulation complete the homes thermal envelope.
The main-level floor is constructed of reinforced concrete supported by Hambro® steel joists. Both the main and basement floors feature Wirsbo® radiant heating with hot water supplied by a Kerr® oil-fired boiler. A solar hot water heater provides supplemental domestic hot water, and a photovoltaic panel and battery storage system provides electricity for some of the interior lighting.
The combination of ICF wall construction and radiant in-floor heating provides gentle, even heat on both the main and basement levels. Excellent indoor air quality is ensured by a vanEE® energy recovery ventilation system and use of non-toxic cabinetry, finishings, paints and adhesives.
In terms of energy performance, computer simulations show that this home is significantly more energy efficient than required by the R-2000 Standard.
When compared to a conventional new home constructed to current building code requirements, overall energy use, and costs, should be 60% less in the Teixeira EnviroHome.
The home is also designed for increased accessibility. The main living areas are on a single level, and the master ensuite bathroom features an over-sized shower enclosure.