The Concrete Envirohome

Awards Recieved
The 2000, R-2000 Environmental Excellence Award


For the Teixeira EnviroHome, a 1,950 sq. ft. bungalow located in Lanark County about 12 km north of Perth. This home is 60% more energy efficient than a similar Ontario Building Code built home. It has many outstanding features including the use of solar energy.

Gena Gibson who covered the awards presentation for the Perth Courrier wrote: “…Mr. Teixeira received awards from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the EnerQuality Corporation, which oversees the R-2000 program.

“This is an exceptional house,” said Peter Love of the EnerQuality Corporation, pointing out Mr. Teixeira had surpassed the standards of R-2000 homes. “He is better than the rest …..He is the best of the best.”…”

The EnviroHome designation is granted by the Canadian Home Builders Association. Less than 20 projects across Canada receive this designation annually.

The CMHC designation as A Healthy Housing Builder Recognizing Teixeira Construction Inc for dedication to making Housing Healthier for Canadians.